Give your fans the ultimate sport experience

SportXP is the innovative Sport Platform that makes you create value through Fan Engagement, data collection and opportunities for sponsors, providing services and information to your community.

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Give your fans a constant stream of information about your club and its results

  • List icon Team details
  • List icon Season calendar
  • List icon Updated leaderboard
  • List icon Multi-league management
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Historical videos, highlights, interviews and all the content that your fans will love to watch and share

  • List icon News
  • List icon Photos
  • List icon Video
  • List icon Multimedia
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Fan Engagement

Get to know your fans, involve them and challenge them to make them feel an active part of your club's life

  • List icon Survey
  • List icon Ask the player
  • List icon Sponsored games
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From Fan to Member

Fan engagement and subscriber participation generate valuable data to implement monetization strategies

Collection of fanbase information

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Members participate in initiatives and games

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The collected data enables targeted marketing activities


The interactions of your fans on your platform generate valuable data for analysis and implementation of monetization strategies

  • List icon Get behavioral data of subscribers
  • List icon Create user segments
  • List icon Implement targeted marketing strategies
  • List icon Share data with sponsors
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SportXP has innovative tools to activate direct and indirect revenue streams

SportXP mobile app tools

Direct monetization

  • List icon Membership programs
  • List icon In-app purchase
  • List icon Ticketing
  • List icon E-commerce merchandising

Indirect monetization

  • List icon Sponsorship
  • List icon User profiling
  • List icon Personalized advertising
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The platform

SportXP is available both standalone and as an integration of existing WordPress CMS, creating a digital ecosystem accessible on any device.
It integrates seamlessly across touchpoints and into third-party applications thanks to its API interface.

Web & Mobile touchpoint

Web & Mobile Touchpoints

Customize the look of what your fans will see and access to thanks to the Single Sign on feature.

Engine + API layer

Engine + API layer

The heart of the application, with its features and integration tools with other platforms.



The information to be published can be entered manually or streamed trough external providers.

Integrations and connections

We have developed several connectors and tools that facilitate content management, receiving streams from third-party applications:


Salesforce, ZOHO




WooCommerce, Commerce Cloud

Campaign Management


Paypal, Adyen, Axerve


Loyalty & Gamification Platform


Clubs and leagues that are already in the Sport 4.0 era thanks to SportXP

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Contact us to request a demo or get information, we will guide you to have the best integration of SportXP into your reality.

Our platform includes:

  • List iconCustomizable graphics
  • List iconCustomizable stickers
  • List iconClassification
  • List iconFan cam
  • List iconCommentary
  • List iconPush notification
  • List iconMultimedia
  • List iconMemberships
  • List iconPlayer and staff details
  • List iconIn app purchases
  • List iconEngagement functionality
  • List iconEcommerce
  • List iconSponsorship opportunities
  • List iconTicketing