Engage your fans and monetize your data

SportXP is an innovative sport platform for Web and Mobile aimed at growing your community and improving your data gathering.


Objectives and Features

SportXP tasks consist of enhancing the relationship between a team and its fanbase by creating and growing a solid community and by stimulating their interaction. Moreover, its ultimate objectives are improving data gathering procedures and performing an accurate monetization process. These actions can be developed with the support of the following features that SportXP offers:

  • Schedule
  • Standing
  • Rosters
  • Live Commentary
  • Media
  • Player Detail
  • Survey
  • Quiz
  • Keyboard/Stickers
  • Fan Cam
  • Community Tool
  • Forum/Wall
  • Membership
  • X-Commerce
  • Ticketing
  • In-app Purchases

Features - Detail


Complete schedule, updated standings and full rosters of each category of the club.

Match Center

Lineups, statistics and live commentary of each game.

Live Commentary

Live commentary of the game including play-by-play actions, lineups, statistics and highlights.


All the latest news about the club. Exclusive videos and photos of the games.


Fans will get the possibility to access exclusive contents through the membership area.

Push Notification

Geolocalized push notifications, aimed at stimulating interactions among users.


This is the opening page of the app. The user will find engaging and immediate contents which can be quickly accessed. In particular, fans can easily visualize team updates, the latest news about the club, its last and next game, and brand new media content.

  • Team Update
  • News
  • Schedule

Match center

This section is strongly focused on the games that the team has already played and on the ones that will be played. Here the user can quickly visualize lineups, statistics, play-by-play actions and general information of each game.

  • Games played
  • Next games


Thanks to the app, the user has the chance to monitor the complete schedule of the club. Concerning past games, information about results and dates will be available. Concerning future fixtures, it will be possible to check their date and kick-off time.

  • Schedule
  • Focus team

Player detail

Another feature of the app concerns showing the fans a detailed profile of their beloved players. For each player, they will find his biographical data, his statistics and his shirt number. Moreover, it will be possible to find all the active social media accounts of the selected players in order to keep updated and be more connected to them.

  • Player pics
  • Stats info


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